Christmas Play: The First Leon

Windmore will be presenting a kids’ Christmas musical, The First Leon. The lead character, Leon, realizes his name spelled backward (Noel) means “Christmas,” so he wants to be the lead in the Christmas play. The problem is Leon can’t act or sing. After auditions, rehearsals and a few mishaps, the pageant goes on and Leon shows everyone the true meaning of Christmas.

Auditions for actors with speaking and singing parts will be held on Saturday, September 28 from 12 to 3 at the Culpeper Baptist Church.

Solo Speaking and Singing parts open for the audition are as follows:

  • Leon: 10-12 years. Dresses and acts a little nerdy and clumsy.
  • Matthew: 10-14 years. Confident.
  • David:  10-14 years. Follower of the other boys.
  • Jonathan: 10-14 years. Arrogant, a bit of a bully, leader of the other boys.
  • Madeline: 8-10 years. Confident.
  • Julie: 8-12 years. Sweet.
  • Brooke: 8-12 years. Sweet.

Rehearsals: Saturdays, starting October 5th to December 7th from 9AM to noon.

Dress rehearsal:  Friday, December 13 from 4PM – 7PM.

Performances: Saturday, December 14th at 6PM and Sunday, December 15th at 3PM. All rehearsals and performances will be at the Culpeper Baptist Church.

Any child 6-14 may join the chorus and may be asked to do a small speaking role. Choral rehearsals will be at the times listed below, although the chorus MAY have shorter and less frequent rehearsals. Chorus members should arrive early (starting at 8:30AM)  on Saturday, October 5th to begin rehearsals.