Pen-to-Paper Authors’ New Books

Books make excellent gifts. Windmore writers appeal to every age. Support local arts with your purchase now and throughout the years.

Cover Design: Laura Myers

Pen-to-Paper member, Cynthia Siira, is co-author of The Meek Shall Inherit. The Meek Shall Inherit is available on Amazon.
“In the face of impending starvation and chaos, the few survivors must learn to trust one another and survive in a world they no longer recognize.”
Pen-to-Paper member, Allita Irby, is a co-author of Fourth Sunday, the Journey of a Book Club. The genre is Cosmopolitan Literature. Available on
“What happens when a real-life book club decides to write their own novel? The result is a fresh, fun story about a group of women who have more in common than just the books they read.”


Tucked away in the pages of history are amazing stories of African American men — slave, runaways, and free– who courageously fought for the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Women also fought but with words which penetrated like bullets. And Jewish emigrants gave their lives and fortunes for what America offered. More than twenty-one are celebrated in Courageous Men & Women of the American Revolution.  Paperback. 150 pages with color illustrations and chapter resources. Humphries also has other books available on Amazon.
Caryn Block has three new books recently available.
Rurik’s Mate: The Volkov Family Chronicles Book Two AMAZON
Christmas Mate: The Shadow Walker – Lycan Hybrid Second Generation Romance Series AMAZON
Katya: Book One of The Volkov Family
Chronicles AMAZON

To purchase this adorable handmade doll of Samantha, contact Powell through her website:

Lois G. Powell has two new books coming out. Samantha’s New Baby will be her third Samantha book. The main character is six years old and in the first grade. It is a picture book appropriate for readers ages 4 through 8.

Powell has her first Middle/Young Adult book Kesha and the Stolen Artifacts coming out. Kesha is thirteen and just going into high school. She will be in the ninth grade. She finds a strange artifact while swimming at the beach. She decides to take it home. When she does, strange things begin to happen. The age category is twelve to fifteen years old and adults who enjoy Fantasy-Mystery.

Search Amazon by her author name: Lois Griffin Powell



Narration and Perspective Seminar


Lucie Rousseau

Presenter: Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur-Rousseau

Location: Online

Workshop: This workshop is divided into two sessions.  Please make sure you can attend both sessions and participate in the writing/feedback activities. The cost includes both sessions.

Session 1 is a teaching session. Wednesday, Oct  7th, 10-1:30

Session 2 will consist of readings of the works and sharing constructive criticism

  • Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020, 10:00-1:30  Group 1
  • Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020, 10:00-1:30 Group 2   (if needed)


  • Members: $30 for Windmore members may pay online.
  • Non-members: $40 for non-members pay online.

Windmore members will have access to the video after the session. Become a member now:


Verbs: A Tense Topic

Verb Tense SeminarThe Narrative NOW of your story, whether it is in the Past or the Present, affects your choice of verb tenses. In this online seminar, we will discuss what each choice entails, how to stay consistent throughout a story, and how to use the different forms more effectively. The participants will be divided into one of two feedback workshops.
Lucie Rousseau

Presenter: Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur-Rousseau

Lecture: Wednesday, September 2

Workshop: Wednesday, September 9 Group 1

Workshop: Wednesday, September 16 Group 2

All classes at 10 AM via Google Meet


Fifth Writers Workshop: Close Narration

Fifth Writers Workshop: Close Narration 

Part 1: April 21, 2020, 10AM-2:30PM, Culpeper County Library

Part 2: April 28, 2020, 10AM-2:30 PM, Culpeper County Library

Give your reader ‘the feels’.

Make your readers live the story and connect to your characters by improving how you relay thoughts and emotions. Make inner monologues more convincing.

Lucie Rousseau will take participants for a closer look at the following:

  • 1st person narration and Stream of Consciousness;
  • POV and Free Indirect Speech (3rd person limited)

Payment is due at the first session of the workshop. $30 Members; $40 Non-members

Registration limited:

Weaving Life into the Story: Action, Dialogue, Pace and Structure Workshop

Weaving Life into the Story: Action, Dialogue, Pace and Structure

Taught by: Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur-Rousseau

Quiet river flow? Or Action-packed? In this seminar we will learn how to structure the text to either speed up or slow down the pace of a story, and how to blend action, dialogue and description to make it come alive.

Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur-Rousseau has a Master’s degree in Literary Studies/Creative Writing from Laval University, where she studied under the direction of Mr. Neil Bissoondath, a well-known Canadian author. Under the name Gabriele Russo, she is the author of three published novels: Incompetent Gods, Inclement Gods, and Incoherent Gods. This will be her fourth seminar with Windmore.

Click Here to register.

Join us at the Culpeper Baptist Church. Room 313

  • Tuesday, February 18 from 10 AM to 1 PM for the lecture
  • Tuesday, February 25 from 10 AM to 1 PM for the workshop
  • Makeup dates are March 5, 2020, and March 5 and March 12, 2020. Times are the same from 10 AM to 2 PM.

IMPORTANT: If Culpeper schools are canceled for inclement weather, the course will be canceled and moved to makeup dates. Inclement weather cancellations notification will also be posted online at

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Sally Humphries: UNSUNG HEROES

Sally Humphries:
I started this book in Massachusetts in 1973 with the question: How did thirteen disjointed colonies form a new nation when they were held captive by the all-powerful British empire?  And aside from Washington, Adams, Franklin, and Jefferson, who stepped up as the supporting cast?  Where did they come from?  What kind of determination and courage did it take to win against such incredible odds?

I found the stories of over twenty of this heroic supporting cast in bits and pieces in hundreds of places. This book is my attempt to put those stories in one concise book for the benefit of my family and friends.

Unsung Heroes is available at Amazon.

Remember to order through AmazonSmile to donate to the WIndmore Foundation for the Arts.
Sally Humphries is a member of Windmore’s Pen-to-Paper program.

About the Author: Lois Griffin Powell

Lois Powell loves writing all types of stories but especially children’s stories. Four of her poems were published by The International Poetry Society in their poetry anthologies. She has also written articles for local newspapers.

Lois is a member of the Windmore Foundation for the Arts, The Professional Writers Alliance, and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Lois Powell’s most recent children’s book, illustrated by Stanley Weaver, is Samantha’s Big Challenge. This book is written for children between 3 and 8 years old.  It is about encouraging children to keep their promises, even if they are afraid.

Lois G. PowellSamantha has an important mission. Will she be able to get the help her Grandma needs before it’s too late?

Lois Powell’s also produced a Samantha doll.

For more information is available at her website:

Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group

Lucie Russo facilitates a monthly meeting of writers who want to learn about new publishing information. The group will also share helpful information about resources or social media sites, offer editing tips, list resources to check out and places to post their works.

All meetings are in the conference room at the Culpeper County Library. The meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month from 10AM to Noon. All are welcome to attend.

Publishing Group on Facebook

For more information call 540-547-4333.

About the Author: Sally Humphries



I have always been a “word” person.  About age ten, I was writing skits for the neighborhood kids to perform on our front porch – while our adoring parents sat in dumpy folding chairs and applauded wildly.  I got better at writing as the years rolled on and launched a career in free-lance writing and journalism.

I have had articles published in GuidepostsChristian Standard, and other small magazines as well as being an editor of employee publications for a major life insurance company and a manufacturing company.

Cally Tales was my first book, based on the real-life adventures of my calico Cat and her thirteen furry friends.  Cally was rescued from a busy road where she was dumped as a tiny kitten and left to die.  That was nine years ago, and now she is an expert on eating and sleeping — and has an opinion of almost everything. When she decided to write a book and give her opinions to the world at large, I agreed to help.  Then she started adding stories of her other friends, and the rest is history. That was in 2017, and the stories keep rolling in.

By 2018 Cally began to think about a new book for her new friends.  It started with the incomparable Suki and his walkabouts in the backyard.  How could that be?  Suki was an indoor cat.  Then Cally met Calvin and Hobbes and Tess, the feral cat who gave up her wild life for life on a farm.  Along came Reckless who would not take “no” for an answer.  Then Trucker, the magnificent, who was so persuasive he convinced Cally to broaden her horizons to include d-o-g-s.

Bella and Buffy, the adorable Shih-Tzus, had already captured the heart of Cally’s staff, so what was she to do? The floodgate had opened, and in walked Wally and Murphy and Sugar and Freddy and Rags — to name a few.

Enjoy Cally & Friends and don’t hesitate to send fan mail. Cally loves to be admired.

As for me, Cally’s staff and scribe, I have written my own book on a totally different subject. It’s for history buffs and should be available in February or March.

Sally Humphries is a member of Windmore’s Pen-to-Paper program.

Check out Sally Humphries latest book Unsung Heroes. It is now available on Amazon.