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Flower Cup Arrangement Workshop


Cup with Flowers

Date: Thursday, July 21, 7 pm
Cost: Free
Participants: Limited to 15 participants
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Robert Legge is the instructor for the workshop.
He lives in a postage stamp front yard but last year grew enough flowers to distribute 700 small flower cup arrangements for people in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, senior centers, etc. All for about 15 cents each. But he can’t keep that up, so he’s looking for others to do the same. In this 1-hour class, people can learn how to make something beautiful in just minutes that will brighten someone’s day and maybe give them a lift. It also provides encouragement to be on the lookout for free wildflowers that in the right setting can really show off. Everyone will be provided enough flowers and supplies to be able to make at least one flower cup and enough supplies to make 10 more at home. 

Robert Legge was former proprietor of Sweet Land Farm, that made dried flower wreaths and arrangements for mail order catalogs such as Plow and Hearth, Monticello, and Faith Mountain.  He’s always liked to grow and give away fresh flowers, especially to people who aren’t expecting it. But it needs to be affordable and easy so that anyone can do it.