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Lois Griffin Powell Book Reading 2022

Lois G Powell with Book and doll Lois G Powell Book display
Lois G. Powell with Samantha’s Big Challenge and doll Book Reading Display of Samantha dolls and books


On February 21, 2022, Lois Griffin Powell had a book reading and book signing at Spelled Ink located on 132 W. Main St. in Orange, Virginia.  The free readings were offered at 11 AM, 1  PM, and 3 PM. About twelve people attended each hour. The shop has shelves full of books from all genres. They also have some jewelry and other gift items for sale.

Lois Powell has been a member of the Pen-to-Paper group for many years. With her master’s degree in writing, she was able to offer helpful suggestions for other writers. She was also open to all suggestions about her books. She has written a series of three children’s books and is working on a book for older children.

To start the experience, she read Samantha’s Big Challenge. After reading the book she gave a synopsis of Samantha’s New Friend. The new friend has a brother who is allergic to peanuts and the story covers the importance of being vigilant about protecting him from exposure. In the book, Powell explains about dogs that are trained to sniff out potential peanut exposure. In the book there is information about where someone could learn more about helper dogs. Her third book in this series is Samantha’s New Baby. Also for sale were dolls depicting Samantha. They are a good accompaniment for the books.

Powell also introduced her new book, Kesha and the Curse of the Artifacts. She gave just enough information to pique the interest of everyone in the room.

The group asked questions about her character development, the illustrations, where Powell got her ideas for the story, and how she settled on the names of her character. The event was well planned and the audience was very attentive and involved in the discussion.

In addition to her books, she has four poems that were published in anthologies and she has written articles for local newspapers.

Lois G. Powell’s books are available on Amazon.