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Pen-to-Paper Authors’ New Books

Books make excellent gifts. Windmore writers appeal to every age. Support local arts with your purchase now and throughout the years.

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Pen-to-Paper member, Cynthia Siira, is co-author of The Meek Shall Inherit. The Meek Shall Inherit is available on Amazon.
“In the face of impending starvation and chaos, the few survivors must learn to trust one another and survive in a world they no longer recognize.”
Pen-to-Paper member, Allita Irby, is a co-author of Fourth Sunday, the Journey of a Book Club. The genre is Cosmopolitan Literature. Available on
“What happens when a real-life book club decides to write their own novel? The result is a fresh, fun story about a group of women who have more in common than just the books they read.”


Tucked away in the pages of history are amazing stories of African American men — slave, runaways, and free– who courageously fought for the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Women also fought but with words which penetrated like bullets. And Jewish emigrants gave their lives and fortunes for what America offered. More than twenty-one are celebrated in Courageous Men & Women of the American Revolution.  Paperback. 150 pages with color illustrations and chapter resources. Humphries also has other books available on Amazon.
Caryn Block has three new books recently available.
Rurik’s Mate: The Volkov Family Chronicles Book Two AMAZON
Christmas Mate: The Shadow Walker – Lycan Hybrid Second Generation Romance Series AMAZON
Katya: Book One of The Volkov Family
Chronicles AMAZON

To purchase this adorable handmade doll of Samantha, contact Powell through her website:

Lois G. Powell has two new books coming out. Samantha’s New Baby will be her third Samantha book. The main character is six years old and in the first grade. It is a picture book appropriate for readers ages 4 through 8.

Powell has her first Middle/Young Adult book Kesha and the Stolen Artifacts coming out. Kesha is thirteen and just going into high school. She will be in the ninth grade. She finds a strange artifact while swimming at the beach. She decides to take it home. When she does, strange things begin to happen. The age category is twelve to fifteen years old and adults who enjoy Fantasy-Mystery.

Search Amazon by her author name: Lois Griffin Powell