Artists of Windmore

This is a diverse group of artists whose activities include workshops, plein air outings, field trips, art demos, critiques, classes and group shows. Participating members are invited to display their work. These opportunities include exhibiting and selling work in a variety of venues.


Windmore’s Pen-to-Paper Writers meet to share different genres, discuss publishing, perform readings, and to encourage young writers. The group uses art, music, writing exercises, and drama to stimulate creativity. Authors offer constructive criticism and support. New or experienced writers are welcome.

Piedmont Community Band

The band is a Windmore Foundation for the Arts program with members from the surrounding counties of Culpeper, Orange, Madison, Rappahannock, Fauquier, and beyond. All ages welcome.


Windmore’s StageWorks program is a community theater group that provides experiences on the stage and behind the scenes for adults, teens, and children. Our theatrical and musical productions offered opportunities in performing, working backstage, designing and constructing sets, making costumes, and other aspects of theater.

Fine Arts Summer Camp

Windmore’s Fine Arts Summer Camp offers 2 one-week camp sessions. Each 5-day camp will give budding artists the chance to be immersed with all of the Fine Arts by participating in daily workshops to encompass theater, music, story writing, and art. Our week-long camps encourage and empower kids to explore a variety of art disciplines. Camps are fun and educational, with themes ranging from claymation to theater to food as art.