Windmore’s Pen-to-Paper Writers meet to share different genres, discuss publishing, perform readings, and to encourage young writers. The group uses art, music, writing exercises, and drama to stimulate creativity. Authors offer constructive criticism and support. New or experienced writers are welcome. Pen-to-Paper writers are working on an anthology which will be published in 2022. If you are interested in being in the anthology, come to the meeting to find out more about the process.

Meetings for Pen-to-Paper are the first Tuesday of each month at 10 AM to Noon in the Windmore Office at 303 S Main St. Call 540-547-4333 for more information.

Pen-to-Paper News & Events

About the Author: Lois Griffin Powell

Lois Powell loves writing all types of stories but especially children’s stories. Four of her poems were published by The International Poetry Society in their poetry anthologies. She has also written articles for local newspapers. Lois is a member of the Windmore...

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Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group

  Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group Lucie Russo facilitates a monthly meeting of writers who want to learn about new publishing information. The group will also share helpful information about resources or social media sites, offer editing tips, list...

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About the Author: Sally Humphries

    I have always been a “word” person.  About age ten, I was writing skits for the neighborhood kids to perform on our front porch – while our adoring parents sat in dumpy folding chairs and applauded wildly.  I got better at writing as the years rolled on...

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Cally and Friends

Sally Humphries, a member of Pen-to Paper, recently published Cally and Friends, a delightful sequel to Cally Tales: Cally's Adventures and Those of Her Friends. Cally and Friends introduces new friends like the incomparable Suki, Calvin and Hobbs, Tess, Zoe, Paz,...

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Pen-to-Paper Anthology

In 1992,The Windmore Writers' Anthology was published. It was included in the gift package to then resident-elect William Clinton and Vice President-elect Al Gore, when they visited the Culpeper area and attended church here prior to the inauguration. Copies of the...

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Digital Marketing Seminar New Date

         Pen-to-Paper presents Digital Marketing Seminar: Saturday, October 27, 2018 10am-3pm Culpeper Baptist Church, Culpeper, VA Third Floor, Look for the Room Signs Registration is $25 for Windmore members and $40 for non-members. Lunch and handouts included....

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