Windmore’s first writing group published two anthologies in 1992 and another in 1996. The group slowly became inactive. In 2007 the group Pen-to-Paper was started. They met in the office spaces at the Culpeper Train Depot on the first Tuesday of every month. When the changes were made to the depot space, the group moved to the Culpeper Library. The writers met at 10 AM and started a 5 PM writers meeting months later. This time was established so that people who worked could also join the group. When the group first started meeting, only two older writers had published their books. They shared their experiences with getting an agent, formatting the books, and then finding a publishing company to accept their books. Self-publishing was just becoming popular.

Since that time, many of the writers have self-published or used publishing companies to print their books. The members of Pen-to-Paper vary in age and abilities. We have people who write poetry, fiction; mysteries; children’s or young adult stories; family histories; and historical books. These members of Pen-to-Paper acknowledge that the writers’ group gave them the encouragement and support they needed to continue writing to reach their goals. There are now six anthologies that Windmore published. The editors are currently reviewing submissions from Windmore Foundation for the Arts members who have submitted writings to be considered for the anthology.

For more information contact If you are a writer, you are encouraged to come to a meeting of the writer’s group on the first Tuesday of every month. Meetings are only canceled if the Culpeper Schools are closed due to inclement weather.

Pen to Paper Writers Meeting

Pen-to-Paper News & Events

Fifth Writers Workshop: Close Narration

Fifth Writers Workshop: Close Narration  Part 1: April 21, 2020, 10AM-2:30PM, Culpeper County Library Part 2: April 28, 2020, 10AM-2:30 PM, Culpeper County Library Give your reader ‘the feels’. Make your readers live the story and connect to your characters by...

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Sally Humphries: UNSUNG HEROES

Sally Humphries: I started this book in Massachusetts in 1973 with the question: How did thirteen disjointed colonies form a new nation when they were held captive by the all-powerful British empire?  And aside from Washington, Adams, Franklin, and Jefferson, who...

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About the Author: Lois Griffin Powell

Lois Powell loves writing all types of stories but especially children’s stories. Four of her poems were published by The International Poetry Society in their poetry anthologies. She has also written articles for local newspapers. Lois is a member of the Windmore...

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Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group

  Windmore’s Publishing Discussion Group Lucie Russo facilitates a monthly meeting of writers who want to learn about new publishing information. The group will also share helpful information about resources or social media sites, offer editing tips, list...

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About the Author: Sally Humphries

    I have always been a “word” person.  About age ten, I was writing skits for the neighborhood kids to perform on our front porch – while our adoring parents sat in dumpy folding chairs and applauded wildly.  I got better at writing as the years rolled on...

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Cally and Friends

Sally Humphries, a member of Pen-to Paper, recently published Cally and Friends, a delightful sequel to Cally Tales: Cally's Adventures and Those of Her Friends. Cally and Friends introduces new friends like the incomparable Suki, Calvin and Hobbs, Tess, Zoe, Paz,...

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