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StageWorks Presents Sam Club in the Case of the Malted Falcon, An interactive murder mystery!

Get ready for an evening of fatal fun as Stageworks of Culpeper unveils a mystery dinner show that spoofs TV chefs, old-time detectives, art lovers, and chocoholics! 

Penned by Tony Schwartz and Marylou Ambrose, the show, Sam Club Private Eye in The Case of The Malted Falcon, takes place at the Gallery of Amazingly Great Art (GAGA) in New York City. Sam Club was hired to guard the priceless chocolate sculpture, The Malted Falcon, during the train ride from (insert your town) to New York. But on the way, someone hit him over the head and stole the sculpture. Now Sam must find the thief and save the sculpture and his reputation as a private eye.

You’ll meet a cast of zany characters, including Sam’s ditzy secretary Velma Vavoomsky; TV chef Rachael Raven; heir to the chocolate sculpture Robin Hawkins; bird activist Abigail Nightingale; engineer Casey Stourbridge; fake falconer Harvey Featherby; and amateur sleuth and mystery novelist Miss Marbles. Keep your eyes and ears open because one of these characters will be ruthlessly murdered, and it’s up to the audience to solve the crime! Prizes will be awarded to the first few people who correctly guess the murder and motive.

The curtain rises on April 22nd at Coytoe Hole Ciderworsks, April 23rd at Culpeperpalooza and April 29 and 30 at The Sangria Bowl   

For Tickets:  

April 22nd at 7:30 at Coyote Hole Ciderworks ticket price includes a complimentary 5 cider flight ($30):

April 2rd at Culpeperpalooza Times TBD:

April 29 at 6:30, April 30 at 1pm at The Sangria Bowl, Tickets include a 3 course meal ($45):