Cally and Friends

Sally Humphries, a member of Pen-to Paper, recently published Cally and Friends, a delightful sequel to Cally Tales: Cally’s Adventures and Those of Her Friends.

Cally and Friends introduces new friends like the incomparable Suki, Calvin and Hobbs, Tess, Zoe, Paz, Reckless and the memorable Trucker from Montana. Cally also checks back with her old friends from Cally Tales, advising Max about his ears and disclosing Oliver’s adventures in the Serengeti.

Can cats and dogs be friends? Cally extends her paw of friendship to d-o-g-s, beginning with Bella and Buffy, the adorable Shih-Tzus. She finds the antics of Murphy and Wally, Rags, Freddy, Schnitzel, and PBJ somewhat bewildering but intriguing. It all ends with Tig, the cat who decided he was a dog. Of course, Cally’s faithful staff, Sally Humphries, writes down everything she says – well, almost everything.

You can find this humorous and enjoyable read at Amazon.

Congratulations, Sally and Cally

Crossroads Youth Orchestra Registration Open

CYO registration is open!

Rehearsals started August 23rd at Culpeper Baptist Church.

Adagio String is for beginners grades 2nd to 9th playing Violin, Viola,
Cello or Bass. Rehearsal is 6:15-7. To sign up

Andante Orchestra is for intermediate players generally between 6th and
11th grades, playing Violin Viola Cello and Bass. Rehearsal is
5-6:15pm. Audition is required. To sign up

Please contact Dawnn Fletcher to set up an audition at