2019 Art Scholarship Winners

The two winners of the Windmore Scholarships are:
1. Amber Miller from Eastern View High School for her artwork
2. Kendra Callahan from Culpeper County High School for her singing ability.

This year we awarded two one thousand dollar scholarships. Kendra Callahan, a Culpeper High School graduate, received one of them. She plans to major in music education in college. She was on the AB Honor Roll and the Academic Spotlight, and sang in the school and district choirs. Ms. Callahan also starred in four musicals in High School, and sang at the “Christmas Basket,” the National Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Women’s Acapella Group. She also volunteered at the Heat Shelter.

The second scholarship was awarded to Amber Miller, from Eastern View High School. Her major will be Art Education. She was in the National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society, earned the A-B Honor roll, and won first place for her watercolor art in the 2018 Culpeper County Public Art Show. Miller participated in fundraising events for youths and volunteered at the 2019 County Art Show.