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Author Allita Irby
Fourth Sunday

Allita Irby

Book Titles in Photo:

Fourth Sunday, the Journey of a Book Club by B. W. Read Her pen name is B. W. Read. Fourth Sunday written by B.W. Read (Allita Irby) is the tale of seven women and their journey towards friendship by way of a simple book club. Over time, their friendship grows beyond books, as their lives, relationships, and careers become a sisterhood.

  • Holiday Musings by Lake Authors (Contributing author)
  • America 2020 by Riverside Writers (Contributing author)

 Other Titles Not in Photo:

  •  River Tides by Riverside Writers (Contributing author)
  •  Lake Authors of the Wilderness Cookbook by Lake Authors (Contributing author)


 Allita Irby is on several social media sites.

  • FaceBook: Allita Irby
  • Instagram: allitairby
  • Twitter: @airby9
  • Contact: [email protected]

Her website is under construction

Her books are available on Amazon. Fourth Sunday


Pen-to-Paper is a great writers’ group. It is a collective creative writing with critique, writer development and encouragement.

Author Sally Humphries
Humphries American Adolescence Book

Sally Humphries

Book Titles:

The three Cally books, Cally Tales, Cally & Friends, and Cally Goes to the Dogs are written by my calico cat and describe her adventures with her furry friends, including d-o-g-s. She writes from her viewpoint. I advise.
My own books are about people in the American Revolution. Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution was the first, followed by Courageous Men and Women, spotlighting African Americans, women, and Jewish settlers. The latest in the series is America’s Adolescence, which tells how the new nation was almost destroyed in its first thirty years by bankruptcy, deep division over the French Revolution, and the continued terrorism of the British Empire.

  • Cally Tales: Cally’s Adventures and Those of Her Friends (as told to her Staff, Sally Humphries)
  • Cally & Friends
  • Cally Goes to the Dogs
  • Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution: Profiles of More than 20 behind-the-scenes Patriots
  • Courageous Men & Women of the American Revolution: Celebrating more than 21 Patriots
  • America’s Adolescence: A Young Nation Beats the Odds


All are available on Amazon or from me personally at book signings in Culpeper. They are also available for check out at the Culpeper Public Library.

All are available on Amazon or from me personally at book signings in Culpeper. They are also available at the Culpeper Public Library.

Author Carolyn Osborne
Book Title: Promise: The Moving Frontier

Carolyn Szabad Osborne


My books extend from the start of the Holy Roman Empire through the middle ages, the British Raj, and America’s settlement and expansion. They personalize stories of four families living in extraordinary times and places. Three books of the collection are in print and e-book now: A Perfect Plan, a true Regency romance about two rather wonderful people, Rule! a nine-story collection that spans the globe, and A Good Place, the true story of a Catholic who goes as an indentured servant to Jamestown. The final two books are in progress. 


The Moving Frontier tells the story of Mattie, Martha Poage Moore, from 1821 to 1888. Her marriage to Abram Still—an intense, complex Methodist circuit rider, doctor, and Southern Abolitionist serving frontier communities—took Mattie and their children ever westward as the frontier expanded. Mattie made log cabins into homes, gave birth to and raised nine children, and faced dangers and experiences she never anticipated in her dreams of marriage. Handling these challenges and running her household in Abram’s frequent long absences, Mattie grew as a woman, a friend, a wife, a mother, and a Christian leader. 

The book takes you from the farms and woods of 1820s Southwest Virginia to camp meetings, the great wilderness of northern Missouri, Methodist conference meetings, a Shawnee Mission school in Kansas, Civil War battlefields, and Kansas prairies. You’ll meet Freedmen, Abolitionists, slaveholders, runaway slaves, Jayhawkers, feminists, churchmen, Border Ruffians, plantation owners, displaced Shawnee, militiamen, and spies. You’ll experience frontier life, religious revivals, love and loss, the personal family heritage of a massacre, and the passion that drove the legendary circuit riders of the early 1800’s.

The Moving Frontier is an inspiring, true story of courage, personal growth, diversity, and faith during America’s strife-filled expansion of the 19th Century. At its heart, it is a real-life story of love that goes far beyond romance.            Promise: The Moving Frontier is the fourth book in my Helena’s Stories series. The fifth and final book, Promise: The Golden Hills, will follow in a year or two. Each book in the Helena’s Stories series is complete and stands alone as a personal story or stories of real people in historically important times.    

The book will be released on September 15th and is now available for pre-order as an eBook on:

Amazon  (paperback will be available on September 15, 2022)




Barnes & Noble




Smashwords (paperback will be available on September 15, 2022)


Carolyn Osborne’s books are available in print or as ebooks through Amazon,  Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble (online), Apple, and Goodreads. She uses the pen name Carolyn M. Osborne.


I cherish Pen-to-Paper for the warm welcome it extended to me when I had no idea how and what to write, and for being supportive every step of the way. I doubt I’d ever have gotten my books written and published without the technical and emotional support this group provides along with the friendship of authors at all stages. Writing is an exercise in constantly growing your skills and the wonderful group of writers in Pen-to-Paper make that challenge fun and positive. 


Fran Cecere with copies of anthologies
In Other Words Anthology

Fran Cecere and Caryn Moya Block

Fran Cecere Image Caryn Moya Block image    
Fran Cecere Caryn Moya Block    


Fran Cecere and Caryn Block edited and got published these Windmore anthology books. The Anthologies have authors of historical fiction, memoirs, or true family history stories. 

  • In Other Words
  • Images in Ink
  • Words Across Time


The anthologies are available on Amazon.


The Pen-to-Paper meeting is on the top of my “must attend” list. This group provides encouragement and suggestions. The members offer to be Beta Readers for other authors who write in the same genre. At some Tuesday meetings, the subjects are very funny and we appreciate the writers with comedic talents. I always leave the meetings with excitement about the writing talent we have in our community.



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